Sale Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO 16-inch Plus Annual Filter Kit

Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO 16-inch Plus Annual Filter Kit w/ Formaldezorb

93-A-16PL05-MO, 94005231F

Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO 16-inch Plus Annual Filter Kit is Amaircare original Filter. Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO filter kit fits Amaircare air purifiers with 16-inch molded HEPA filter.

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Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO 16-inch Plus Annual Filter Kit is Amaircare's optional replacement filter kit.
Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO Plus Annual Filter Kit contains three carbon pre-filters and one VOC canister.
The Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO canister contains 10 lbs. of Formaldezorb adsorbent.
Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO Plus Annual Filter Kit fits Amaircare air purifiers:

  • 3000 portable (made before November 2015)
  • 3050
  • 4000
  • 4050
  • 4000V
  • 5000V
  • 6500 central (requires 3 ea.)
  • 8500 central (requires 3 ea.)
  • 10000 central (made before January 2015, requires 3 ea.)

Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO Plus annual filter kit is good for a one full year of operation.

Important Notice!
For Amaircare 3000 portable air purifiers manufactured After November of 2015
and Amaircare 10000 TriHEPA central air purifiers manufactured After January of 2015
use Amaircare 93-A-16SP02-ET 16-inch Super Plus Annual Filter Kit

Part Numbers.
Current: 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO
Retired: 94005231F, 94015231F

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Amaircare Filters - Filter Information and Details

Part Number93-A-16PL05-MO
Height15" (38.1 cm)
Diameter7" (17.8 cm)
Weight12 lbs. (3.2 kg)
CompositionsCarbon Pre-filter + VOC Canister
TypePlus Annual Filter Kit
PropertiesVOC removal
Type of AdsorbentFormaldezorb
Amount of adsorbent10 lbs. (4.54 kg.)
Pre FilterCarbon Non-Woven
Filter Lifetime1 Year

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