Field Controls TRIO Portable Air Purifier with UV Bulb and Photocathalytic Oxidation


Field Controls TRIO 1000P Portable air purifier employs State-of-the Art air cleaning technologies to ensure fast and effective air purification from allergens, dust, toxic chemicals and airborne pathogens in large room up to 1155 sq. ft.

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Field Controls TRIO 1000P Portable air purifier features the multi-stage True HEPA and activated carbon air filtration system along with the Germicidal UVC Bulb and Pro-Cell Photocatalytic Oxidation element to ensure fast and effective removal of all solid airborne and gaseous air contaminants, pollutants, toxic VOCs and airborne pathogens in nurseries, bedrooms, classrooms, dorm rooms, offices, day care facilities and workplace areas up to 1155 sq. at.
Field Controls TRIO Air Purifier Design and Features

Field Controls TRIO 1000P

  • Field Controls TRIO employs the Multi-Stage True HEPA and Carbon Air Filtration system.
  • Field Controls TRIO features high-output UVC bulb to provide effective air sterilization from airborne pathogens.
  • The PRO-Cell™ element activates the Photocatalytic Oxidation process to reduce toxic chemicals and VOCs.
  • The built-in VOC sensor detects presence of VOCs and turns on the Photocatalytic Oxidation unit automatically.
  • Field Controls TRIO is powered by a compact, energy efficient and quiet one-piece motor/fan assembly.
  • The Field Controls TRIO 6-speed control allows easily select the optimal operating speed for the room size.
  • Field Controls TRIO delivers  the air flow of 250 CFM and can clean effectively areas up to 1155 sq. at.
  • Field Controls TRIO is backed by the 2-Year Limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • The Field Controls TRIO is Ozone-Free certified air purifier.
  • The comfort carry handles make the Field Controls TRIO easy to carry from room to room.

Where to Use Field Controls TRIO

Field Controls TRIO is a complete versatile portable air purification system designed to improve the air quality in shared living spaces, beauty salons, gyms, nurseries, bedrooms, classrooms, dorm rooms, offices, day care facilities, and any other space that needs extra indoor air protection.  The Field Controls TRIO works best in areas under 1150 sq. at. based on 1 ACH (air change per hour) and the average height of the ceiling of 8 at.

Field Controls TRIO Air Filtration System

  • First Stage - Pre-Filter.
    The First Sate Pre-filter consist of Two-in-one the 5 micron efficiency HEPA-type filter and carbon (charcoal) filter media. The pre-filter captures large dust, dirt particles, hair and lint. The carbon section of pre-filter helps reduce the level of chemicalsin the air.
  • Second Stage - True HEPA and Carbon Filter.
    True HEPA filter traps from the air over 99.97% of all sub-micron allergens and dust down to 0.3 micron in size such as: mold spores, plant spores, pollen, house dust mites and debris, lung damaging dust, pet dander, bird feather dust, microscopic particles in cigarette smoke and smoke from wood burning stove, airborne pathogen: microbes, bacteria, viruses, germs, etc.
    The activated carbon filter adsorbs toxic chemical substances in form of gases, vapors, smoke, fumes.

  • High-Intensity Germicidal UVC Bulb.
    The High-intensity Germicidal UVC Bulb is the most effective and speedy method of sterilizing the air from all airborne pathogens. The sterilization power of the Germicidal UV light is 1,600 times of a direct sunlight, and as such is extremely lethal to airborne pathogens: viruses, bacteria, microbes, germs, fungi, etc. At the same time, the Germicidal UVC Bulb along with Titanium Dioxide Pro-Cell™ Grid Element is used to initiate the Photocatalytiic Oxidation process.

  • Pro-Cell™ Photocathalytic Oxidation Element.
    The Titanium Dioxide Pro-Cell Grid Element exposed to the UVC light activates the Photocathalytic process - the most effective and speedy way of abatement the hard to remove stubborn specific chemicals, such as VOCs, formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radon, toluene, sulfur oxide, and many other specific chemicals. The built-in VOC sensor detects the presence of VOCs in the air and turns on the Photocatalytic Oxidation unit automatically.

Field Controls TRIO Motor Fan Assembly

Field Controls TRIO is equipped with energy-efficient backward-curved impeller rated at 200 CFM of air flow. It features the 6-Speed fan control with a Sleep mode. The VOC sensor along with the electronic speed managing system automatically changes the fan speed in case of increased level of VOCS.
The Sleep Mode reduces the fan speed to a minimum to ensure a quiet operation at night.

Field Controls TRIO Power Supply Options

The Field Controls TRIO 1000P in standard configuration comes equipped with motor and power cord for 120V, 60Hz power supply system in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico).

Field Controls TRIO Housing

The Field Controls TRIO has a durable impact resistant polymer housing White color.
The polluted air intake is in the front panel of the unit, while the clean air outlet is at the top panel with the air flow directed upward.
The two integrated carry handles on each side help carry the unit safely and easily when needed.

Field Controls TRIO Manufacturer's Warranty

Field Controls TRIO 1000P is covered by 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's warranty. The UV bulb and the filters are disposable items and are excluded from the Limited manufacturer's warranty.

Field Controls TRIO Certification

Field Controls TRIO air purifier is made in USA. It is ETL / TAA compliant.
Field Controls TRIO is CARB certified and meets the California Ozone Emission limit.

Field Controls TRIO - What's Included

Field Controls TRIO air purifier comes from the factory:

  • Brand New and Fully assembled.
  • With all Filters installed (per model specification).
  • Ready-to-use (unpack and plug it in).
  • No installation required.
Part NumberFC1000P
Height18" (45.7 cm)
Width21.5"" (54.6 cm)
Depth8" (20.3 cm)
Weight23 lbs. (10.43 kg)
PropertiesGeneral Air Purification
Digital ControlYes
LED / LCD DisplayYes
Number of Speed Settings6 Speed / Sleep / Auto
Remote ControlNo
Filter Change monitorNo
Turn-Off TimerNo
Air Flow Rating, CFM250
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM154
Maximum cleaning area sq. ft.1155 @ 1 ACH
Recommended cleaning area, sq. ft.578 @ 2 ACH
Noise Level, dB48 Low / 68 High @ 6 feet
Air Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3 micron
Particle SensorNo
Odor / Chemical SensorYes
HEPA Filter GradeTrue HEPA 99.97% @ 0.3 μ
Type of AdsorbentDust Carbon Cloth
Ultraviolet (UV) BulbUVC Germicidal
Photocatalytic OxidationYes
Pre Filter5 micron HEPA-Type / Charcoal
Filter Lifetime2
Energy Star RatedNo
Wheel CastersYes
Air IntakeFront Grill
Air OutflowTop Grill
Power Consumption, Watts106 (High)
Power Supply110-120V/60Hz (North Amercia)
Power Cord6 ft. long 3-Prong Cord with Ground pin
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years2 (UV bulb and Filters excluded)
CertificationETL / TAA Compliant

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