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The FILTERDEPOT.CA web site is fully owned and operated by "INTECH MARKETING" company.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Our Priority!
We Guarantee! The personal information you provide when create an Account, enter information in the Shopping Cart when place the order on-line, provide it over the phone or via Fax will be kept safe and secure, and is not going to be accessible to the third parties (person or a company) without your expressed written authorization.
However, the minimally required information has to be shared with our business partners such as: the credit card processing center, the shipping companies, the warehousing facilities, the manufacturers of the product in order to fulfill and expedite your order the most efficient and speedy way.

To ensure that your personal information is safe while stored on the server or transmitted over the Internet, the web site, the Shopping Cart and Email Forms are secured with High-grade SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. All information sent over a Secure Connection is encrypted (scrambled) while in transit over the Internet. This makes extremely difficult for a third party to decode this information, and ensures than only intended party ("InTech Marketing") is able to decrypt and read your information.

We Respect your Privacy!
We do not create or maintain the mailing lists, and you will never receive any unauthorized email messages or phone calls from our company's staff, unless this is directly related to your Order. However, if you wish to be notified about the latest arrivals, upcoming promotions or specials, as well as receive other important information regarding the products and services offered by our company, you may sign-up for the News Letter.

Pricing Policy

The Prices displayed in the web site are subject to change without Prior Notice!
All transactions for the products purchased from this web site are processed in either Canadian or US currency and will appear in your credit card statement under the name "INTECH MARKETING". If paid in the currency other than Canadian or US dollars, all payments are processed at the official (government) currency exchange rate on entry date.
In no case "INTECH MARKETING" company will be responsible for the currency conversion fees (if any) or any other fees or interests that may be imposed by the customer's financial institution in connection with these transactions and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement.

Price Match Policy.
Should you find a similar product at a lower price than advertised in our web site, we'll gladly match or beat that price. This policy applies to all products offered in the web site, except for the "Close Out" or discontinued merchandise, the reconditioned or refurbished products or the "Out of Stock" products.
The sufficient proof of the lower Sale price may be required. Although, most likely we'll beat our competitor's price, we reserve the right not to do so.

Order Processing

All Orders placed over the Internet, over the Fax or over the Phone are processed and shipped out at the Earliest possible time.
Unless stated otherwise, the orders for In-Stock products are normally processed and shipped out within 24 to 48 hours.
The customers who place the order on-line and provide correct and valid email address, receive the instant automatic Order Confirmation via email with the details of the order, the assigned unique order number and the additional information related to the shipment and tracking of the order.
Those customers also receive the automatic notification of shipment with the Tracking Number and the tracking instructions upon shipment of the order.
The charges for the products purchased from this web site will appear in the customer's credit card statement under our company's name "InTech Marketing".
The received orders are subject to verification and approval before they are being processed.
The "InTech Marketing" company reserves the right to reject the received order. Subject to the product availability, customer's buying history consideration, possible product recall or else.
The customers whose orders cannot be processed or have been rejected will receive the prompt Notification of Cancellation via email. If the charges were applied, the refund will be issued promptly along with the Credit Invoice sent via email.
Please Note, at no conditions our company will be responsible for the service charges or fees of any kind imposed by the customer's financial institution in connection with these transactions, that may arise as per the service agreement between the customer and the customer's financial institution.

Order Cancellation

The order can be canceled at No Charge within the 48-hour Grace period and only if it has not been shipped yet.
The order cannot be canceled while it is in transit.

The request for cancellation must be sent to us in writing via Email at sales@filterdepot.ca
The Subject line of the cancellation email should read "Cancel Order # (Order Number)".

Under no Circumstances the order can be cancelled after it's been shipped out.
The Notification of shipment along with the Tracking number will be provided to the customer as a proof of shipment.

The Refund can be issued on the original method of payment only, and it may take up to two weeks to complete.
The 5% administration cancellation fees will be deducted from the amount of Refund, if the request for cancellation is submitted after the 48 hour Grace period.

After receiving the product, the customer may return it back to our company for a Refund or for a Store Credit. Please see the guidelines for Return, Refund Policy below.

Important Notice!
The customers, who did not cancel the order before it was shipped out, but refuse the shipment of their order are Subject to the following charges and fees:

  • Shipping charges both ways.
  • Brokerage fees (if any).
  • 5% Credit card processing fees.
  • Restocking fees (if applicable).

Shipping Policy

To minimize the delivery cost and the time in transit to the destination address, we ship the products from different locations in Canada and USA.

Important Notice.
There are No Additional Charges or Extra Fees for Border Crossing shipments such as: customs duties, brokerage fees, etc. for all US and Canadian customers regardless of the warehouse location the products are shipped from.
All products purchased from this web site and shipped Duty-Free under NAFTA Agreement.

The products are shipped by the delivery service of the customer's choice from the delivery options displayed in the web site. However, we reserve the right to ship the product by the alternative carrier or delivery service, which is the same or superior to the one selected by the customer in terms of the time in transit, its deliverability and reliability to a specific destination.
The shipment cannot be stopped, re-directed or returned back after it left the warehouse. Therefore, if the shipment is refused by the customer after it's been shipped out, it automatically becomes a Return Procedure with all applicable charges and fees.

Please Note! Unless specified otherwise, the time in transit by Ground (Standard) services excludes the weekends and Holidays. The Saturday delivery service may be available for particular (faster and more expensive) delivery services offered by some carriers at extra cost (as provided in description of delivery service).

Shipping to remote and northern locations may be a subject to Extra shipping charges. In such case we'll contact the customer and offer the best available option. However, if the shipping charges are deemed excessive, we reserve the right to cancel the order and issue a full refund.

It is a customer's responsibility to provide the accurate and complete delivery address to ensure a successful delivery of the order. If no one is available to accept the shipment and sign for it at a time of delivery, the customer or someone else on customer's behalf should contact the carrier at the phone number provided in the "Delivery Notice" and to make sure the order is re-delivered or pick-up before the due date.

Important Notice.
If, despite of all efforts and a sufficient number of delivery attempts the carrier was unable to deliver the order and had to return the product back to the shipper (our company), the customer is going to be responsible for the shipping charges both ways along with all additional applicable charges and fees (please see the guidelines for Return, Refund Policy below).

Shipment of High Value Items.
Except for the Government or Corporate orders, the High Value items must be shipped to the Billing Adddress provided by the customer. The customer signature will be requested by the driver at a time of delivery as a proof of delivery. 

Damages in Transit

Carefully inspect the merchandise upon arrival for possible damages in transit. If the problem is found, take the clear pictures of the damaged product and the packaging, notify the courier driver then call us at our toll free # 1-888-324-9907 and/or email at sales@filterdepot.ca immediately to report the problem.

Please Note! It is very important that you keep the damaged product and the packaging, as it may be required for the courier to investigate the problem. To help us speed up the shipment of the replacement product, please send us the pictures of the damaged product and the packaging via email. Include your Order # number and the serial number of the product (if applicable).
All damages in transit should be reported to "INTECH MARKETING" not later than within 48 hours from the date of receiving the shipment. The merchandise is deemed to be in good order and is suitable for the purposes for which they were sold, if no damages or problems are reported within this time frame.
The merchandise damaged in transit and timely reported to our company will be replaced with new one ASAP at no extra cost to the customer.

Return, Refund Policy

Unless specified otherwise, all products sold through this web site are backed by 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you're not completely satisfied with the product purchased from the web site, you can return it back for a Refund or a Store Credit within 30 days from the date of purchase (Invoice).

Replacement Filters.
The replacement filters are disposable items. The manufacturer's warranty doesn't cover the replacement filters. Once you unseal the filters and/or install them in your unit they are deemed as used, and unless provided otherwise, cannot be returned back for a refund or exchange under this Guarantee, regardless of the number of days or even hours they've been used. By opening and installing the filter in the equipment, the person accepts the responsibility for the conditions of the filter and its full cost with additional charges and fees (shipping, taxes, etc. if any). Therefore, it is important to make sure that you're ordering the correct replacement filters for your unit. We strongly encourage you to contact our company for help if you're not completely sure.

Important Notice!
The product has to be sent back:

  • In Full and in the Original condition (no scratches, damages)
  • In the original manufacturer's packaging
  • with All applicable accessories, free items (bonuses), User Manual, etc.
  • Insured, with sufficient protection and Postage paid
  • Return Authorization number should be clearly marked on the box.

No Returns will be accepted without the Return Authorization (RA#) number.
If sent without the RA#, the product may be refused upon arrival and will be returned back to you at additional cost.
To obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number you need to Fax us or email the signed letter "Request for RA#"
Download the LETTER in .doc (document) format
Download the LETTER in .pdf (Acrobat Reader) format.
Read the Letter carefully, sign it and Fax to us at 905-469-1536 (during business hours only) or scan and email in the attachment at sales@filterdepot.ca
The RA# along with the simple instructions on how to prepare and send the product back will be sent to you via email promptly.
The merchandise should be returned in full in the original condition (no scratches, damages) and in the original manufacturer's packaging. Therefore, do not throw away the packaging or any part of it, unless you're completely sure that the product is problem-free and you're not planning to return it back for a refund.
All applicable accessories, free items (bonuses, if any) and materials (filters, User Manual, etc.) should accompany each return. Otherwise, the regular Sale Price of these items will be deducted from the amount of refund.
The returned merchandise is a subject to inspection for possible damages in transit or other problems.
If no damages or problems found, the refund is issued within a 2 weeks since the arrival of the shipment.
All applicable shipping and handling charges related to the shipment of the merchandise to the customer and back such as: freight, brokerage (if any), the credit card processing fees, additional charges and fees (as provided in the conditions of purchase and sale) are not refundable and will be deducted from the amount of credit.
This policy applies to all the merchandise sold through our web site, including the one advertised with the shipping and handling charges included in the purchase price - "Free Shipping".
Some product may be a subject to additional "Restocking" or "Administration" fees if provided in the Special Conditions of the product description.
Please Note. The shipment may be refused and no credit will be issued if any of the conditions above is not met.

Special Conditions of The Return Policy.
(Based on and in line with the Manufacturer's Return policies)

The AirPura, Amaircare, Austin Air and AllerAir air purifiers returned back within 30 days of the Invoice date under the conditions of our company's return policy are subject to an additional 30% restocking fees.
The restocking fees represent the cost of the replacement filters which are disposed off. This is a part of the guarantee, that all machines shipped to the customer are equipped with the brand new filters that have never been used in a previous environment.

Clearance Items Special Notice

All Clearance Items are sold as is, in the condition specified in the product description.
There is No Return or Refund on the Clearance items, except for the situation when the product arrives damaged in transit. It is important that you inspect the product upon arrival for possible damage(s) in transit. If the problem is found, take the clear pictures of the damaged product and the packaging, notify the courier driver then call us at our toll free 1-888-324-9907 to report the problem. Please also email at sales@filterdepot.ca and include the images of the damaged product/packaging in the attachment to support the claim. The product damaged in transit and timely reported to our company will be replaced with new one ASAP at no extra cost. The full Purchase price is going to be refunded if no replacement is available.

Warranty, Repair, Replacement

All products sold through this web site come with the Limited Manufacturer's Warranty applicable to the first retail purchaser.
Should you have any questions, an issue, or any problem with the product our company's staff will be glad to provide you with assistance and support.
However, all question regarding the Manufacturer's warranty, product reparation or replacement should be addressed to the manufacturer of the product directly. The warranty statement and the phone number of the manufacturer's customer service department can be found in the Owner's Manual included with the product.
According to the manufacturer's warranty, if the problem occurs under normal use and within the duration period of the manufacturer's limited warranty, the product is repaired or replaced with new one by the manufacturer at its own options free of charge to the customer.
In case of the minor defect (if any), the customer may request a repair kit along with the simple step-by-step instructions on how the fix the defect.
In the unlikely event of the product failure or a serious problem, the defective product should be sent to the manufacturer's closest warehouse for free reparation or replacement with new one (within the duration period of the manufacturer's warranty).
The product has to be sent with sufficient postage and protection at the address provided in the Owner's Manual on the product.
The repaired product or the replacement one is shipped back to the customer free of charge.
If the product requires reparation beyond the warranty period, it's done by the manufacturer at a cost on case by case basis.
All products that arrived damaged and timely reported to our company while accompanied by supported images of the damaged product, of the shipping box and the packaging will be replaced with a similar product Free of Charge to the customer at the earliest possible time.

Sales Tax

Canadian Customers.
All purchases from our web site are subject to the mandatory applicable GST, HST and/or PST Sales Taxes, which depend on the province or a territory the customer (receiver of the product) resides in as per Tax schedule provided below.

  • Alberta (AB) - 5% GST
  • British Columbia (BC) - 5% GST
  • Manitoba (MB) - 5% GST
  • New Brunswick (NB) - 15% HST
  • Newfoundland & Labrador (NL) - 15% HST
  • Northwest Territories (NT) - 5% GST
  • Nova Scotia (NS) - 15% HST
  • Nunavut (NU) - 5% GST
  • Ontario (ON) - 13% HST
  • Prince Edward Island (PE) - 15% HST
  • Quebec (QC) - 5% GST
  • Saskatchewan (SK) - 5% GST
  • Yukon (YT) - 5% GST

All transactions for the purchases made by Canadian customers are processed in Canadian currency and will appear in your credit card statement under the name "INTECH MARKETING".

US Customers.
There are No Sales Tax on all purchases of all products from this web site for all US customers.
All products sold through this web site are shipped to the USA Duty Free (under NAFTA).
There are no brokerage fees on all products shipped to the USA under $800 USD value. In no case our company will be responsible for any additional charges or fees imposed by your financial institution in connection with transactions for the purchases made from this web site. In no case "InTech Marketing" company will be responsible for any additional charges or extra fees such as, brokerage fees, disbursement fees, etc. other US government charges that may apply to the high value shipments from Canada to the USA.

Other Charges and Fees

The extra charges or fees may apply to optional product features or services such as:

  • Gift wrapping
  • Additional or optional product features
  • Products for use with alternative power supply
  • Extended product warranty
  • Saturday delivery
  • Shipments with COD
  • etc.

All additional options or extra services with applicable charges and fees are clearly displayed in the product details or specified in the shopping cart.
None of these available options and corresponding to them charges will apply unless selected by the customer during the Order Checkout process.

The additional Eco-taxes or fees (if any) may apply in accordance with the Federal or Provincial laws and regulations. If there are any additional charges, they will be clearly displayed in the product description and the product pricing information, as well as in the shopping cart.