Reduced price! AirPura C600DLXW Carbon Filter

AirPura C600DLXW Carbon Filter

AirPura C600DLXW Carbon Filter is AirPura Oversize carbon filter canister for AirPura C600DLXW central air purifier.

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AirPura C600DLXW Carbon filter is original AirPura replacement filter for AirPura C600DLXW central air purifier.
AirPura C600DLXW Carbon filter contains massive amount (26 lbs.) of enhanced adsorbent in extra deep 3-inch deep canister.
The massive amount of specialty adsorbent results in extra efficient removal of VOCs, ammonia, formaldehyde and other specific chemicals in high concentrations.
The AirPura C600DLXW carbon filter's 3-inch deep bed extends the dwelling time for contaminated air and improves the overall air filtration efficiency.
The AirPura C600DLXW carbon filter's all metal construction helps improve rigidity and eliminate the toxic off-gassing.
AirPura C600DLXW carbon filter's lifetime: 18 to 36 months (under normal usage).

Height13.2" (33.5 cm)
DiameterOuter 13.2" (33.5 cm), Inner 6.25" (15.9 cm)
Weight26 lbs. (11.8 kg)
CompositionsCarbon Filter Canister
TypeChemical and Odor filter
PropertiesOversize 3" deep canister
Type of AdsorbentVOC Adsorbent
Amount of adsorbent26 lbs.
Filter Lifetime18 - 36 months

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