AirPura P600W (P600-W) Photocatalytic Oxidation Central Air Purifier

AirPura P600W (P600-W) Photocatalytic Oxidation Central Air Purifier incorporates the advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation air cleaning technology to guarantee the most comprehensive and speedy whole house air purification.

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AirPura P600W (P600-W) Photocatalytic Oxidation central air purifier combines True HEPA and activated carbon filters with advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation process. The combination of traditional and advanced air purification technologies allows to achieve the most comprehensive and speedy removal from the air of all microscopic allergens and dust, chemicals and odors, VOCs and hard to remove specific chemicals along a Superior sterilization power of Germicidal UV bulb for airborne pathogen control.

AirPura P600W Photocatalytic Oxidation Central air purifier is an equivalent of the AirPura P600 Photocatalytic portable air purifier. However, unlike the portable air purifier, the AirPura P600W Central air purifier is connected to the air duct of a central home HVAC (ventilation and air conditioning system / furnace), which enables it to purifies and distribute clean air throughout the entire house.

When to Use AirPura P600W Air Purifier?

AirPura P600W central air purifier is should be used to achieve the best overall protection from all unwanted dangerous air pollutants and air contaminants, including but not limited to:

  • Mold and plant spores, Pollen
  • Dust mites, Pet dander
  • Lung damaging dust
  • Bird feather dust
  • Asbestos dust
  • Bacteria, Microbes, Viruses, Germs
  • VOCs, Formaldehyde, ammonia
  • Radon, Carbon monoxide
  • Pesticides, PCBs
  • Butanol, Toluene
  • Sulfur oxides, Chloroform, etc.

AirPura P600W Air Filtration System Comprises:

  • Large Long-lasting True HEPA Filter
    The 2-inch deep True HEPA filter traps from the air over 99.97% of all microscopic airborne contaminants down to 0.3 micron in size to provide a superior level of protection from lung damaging dust, allergens, cigarette smoke, etc.
    The range of solid airborne pollutants effectively removed by True HEPA filter includes: mold spores, plant spores, pollen, house dust mites and debris, lung damaging dust, pet dander, bird feather dust, microscopic ash particles in cigarette smoke and smoke from wood burning stove, etc.
  • Large Separate Chemical and Odor Filter Canister
    The chemical and odor filter contains large amount (18 lbs.) of regular activated carbon adsorbent in a separate filter canister. Large amount of adsorbent guarantees the fast and effective removal from the air of all regular chemicals and noxious odors such as: cuisine odors, pet odors, chemicals in cigarette smoke, smoke from wood burning stove. household chemicals, and many more.
  • Types of Adsorbent Used.
    The AirPura P600W air purifier filter canister contains Coconut shell as a standard activated carbon adsorbent. This is the most widely type of adsorbent used in majority of high efficiancy air purifiers.
    The alternative Anthracite based activated granular carbon adsorbent is available at No Extra cost for individuals wo are sensitive to a light sweet smell of Coconut shell carbon.
  • Standard Polyester based Pre-filter
    The Polyester based Pre-filter is the the first stage of the air filtration system of AirPura P600W central air purifier. The pre-filter traps most of the larger visible dust and dirt particles to protect fine True HEPA filter from faster contamination and extend its lifetime.
    The pre-filter can be removed and vacuumed using a soft brush. The pre-filter needs to be replaced with new one when it gets very dirty or ruined (usually every 9 to 12 month or so). 
  • Unbleached Pesticide-Free Cotton Pre-Filter (optional)
    The optional unbleached pesticide-free pre-filter is available at extra cost for the concerned individuals with elevated chemical sensitivity.

AirPura P600W Motor Fan Assembly

AirPura P600W employs powerful, yet energy efficient Motor/Fan assembly with a variable speed control rated at 560 CFM. This is the same high efficiency motor used throughout the entire lineup of AirPura portable and central air purifiers.
The variable speed control allows the users to select the operating speed which is the most suitable for any particular air cleaning application.
The One-piece Motor/Fan assembly is factory balanced and ensures the vibration and noise-free operation.
The motor and electric components are placed in a separate chamber to eliminate the contact with the already filtered air passed through the air filtration system, thus preventing its re-contamination.

AirPura P700W Power Unit Upgrade Notice

Upgrade to the AirPura P700W with nearly 15% More Powerful and Twice as Quiet 700 Series EC (Electronically Controlled) optional Motor/Fan to experience the following benefits and advantages:

Air Flow Rating (CFM) (open air)
Maximum Cleaning Area, sq. ft.
Level of Noise, dB (on Low @ 6 ft.)

To upgrade to AirPura P700W select the 700 Series Upgrade option in the "Power Unit" pull down menu. The AirPura P600W with the upgraded 700 Series Power Unit has a model number P700W. The other AirPura P600W features, available options and replacement filters remain unaffected by this upgrade.

AirPura P600W Power Supply Options

The Standard configuration of AirPura P600W is for North American power supply of 120V, 60Hz(Canada, USA, Mexico).
The optional configuration with the motor and power cord for 220-230V, 50Hz power supply is available for overseas customers at Extra cost.

AirPura P600W Air Purifier Housing

As all central air purifiers, AirPura P600W features durable, impact resistant the all metal enclosed housing available in a single color - Black.
The appliance quality baked-on powder coat resists scratching, scuffing and stain.
The powder coat is totally inert and produces no toxic off-gassing.
To ensure a simple connection to the air duct, the AirPura P600W is equipped with a standard 5-inch hose attachment for both: the Polluted air intake (top panel of the unit) and the Clean air outlet (bottom of the unit on its side).
To ensure an easy mobility of the units used to remove air pollutants at a source, AirPura P600W can be equipped with the 4-Wheel casters on the bottom panel at No Extra Cost.

AirPura P600W Air Purifier Manufacturer's Warranty.

AirPura P600W air purifier comes with the most comprehensive limited manufacturer's warranty in air purifier industry.
The Manufacturer's Limited Warranty includes:
5-Year Full Warranty on Parts.
10-Year warranty on Labor.

AirPura P600W Air Purifier - What's Included

AirPura P600W air purifier comes from the factory:

  • Brand New and Fully assembled.
  • With all filters installed (per model specification).

AirPura P600W Installation Requirements

If used as a central air purifier, AirPura P600W requires connection (hook-up) to the furnace's (HVAC) air duct using the 5" diameter flexible or rigid hose.
The AirPura P600W whole house air purifier can be installed Free Standing or using the optional Wall brackets.
There are two types of metal Wall brackets available:

Which type of wall brackets to use depends on the available room near the HVAC (furnace), the air duct configuration, type of connection to air duct and on the User's preference.
The type of installation (horizontal or vertical) doesn't affect the air purifier performance.
The metal wall brackets are optional and can be purchased separately.

AirPura P600W Shipping Terms and Conditions

AirPura P600W air purifiers ship free of charge by FedEx Ground delivery service in Canada and the Continental USA.
Other delivery services are available at a cost (will be displayed in the shopping cart).
There are no additional charges or extra fees related to the border crossing shipment (if any) for all US and Canadian customers.
AirPura air purifiers are shipped in certified durable triple-wall corrugated cardboard boxes with sufficient cushioning.
The packaging is designed to provide sufficient protection from possible damages in transit under most circumstances.
The unit found to be Damaged or Defective upon arrival will be promptly replaced with new one Free of charge.
The problem has to be reported to the Customer Service without a delay to schedule its prompt replacement.

AirPura P600W Replacement Filters

AirPura P600W Replacement HEPA Filter
AirPura P600W Replacement Carbon Filter
AirPura P600W Replacement Pre-Filter 4-pack

Height23" (58.5 cm)
Diameter15" (38 cm)
Weight47 lbs. (21.5 kg)
CompositionsAll Metal Construction
TypeCentral / Whole House
PropertiesPhotocatalytic Oxidation
Digital ControlNo
LED / LCD DisplayNo
Number of Speed SettingsVariable
Remote ControlNo
Filter Change monitorNo
Turn-Off TimerNo
Air Flow Rating, CFM560
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM450
Maximum cleaning area sq. ft.2000
Recommended cleaning area, sq. ft.1000
Noise Level, dB28.1 - 62.3
Air Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3
Particle SensorNo
Odor / Chemical SensorNo
Size of HEPA filter, sq. ft.40
Type of AdsorbentCoconut Shell
Amount of adsorbent18 lbs.
Ultraviolet (UV) BulbGermicidal UV Bulb
Photocatalytic OxidationYes
Pre FilterStandard Polyester
Filter Lifetime2 - 5 Years
Energy Star RatedNo
Wheel CastersNo
Power Consumption, WattsLow 40, High 120
Power Supply110V-120V/60Hz (220V-240V/50Hz optional)
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years5 Parts / 10 Labor
CertificationConforms to ANSI and UL 507; CSA C22.2 #113

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