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Amaircare AirWash MultiPro VOC Canister Various Adsorbents

Amaircare AirWash MultiPro VOC Canister is Amaircare Original OEM replacement filter canister with various adsorbents for Amaircare AirWash MultiPro air purifier.

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Amaircare AirWash MultiPro 14-inch VOC Canister is Amaircare original replacement filter canister for Amaircare AirWash MultiPro air puriifier.
Amaircare AirWash MultiPro VOC canister contains 5 lbs. of Standard or Proprietary adsorbent blends for diverse air cleaning applications.
Amaircare AirWash MultiPro 14-inch VOC Canister is optional chemical and odor filter used inside of the HEPA filter instead of the Standard Inner Carbon Blanket filter to provide enhanced removal of VOCs, Toxic chemicals, smoke, gases, as provided below.

  • 94A1402ET VOC Canister with 100% Activated Carbon for enhanced adsorption of heavy chemicals, smoke, moderate VOCs.
  • 94A1405ET VOC Canister with Formaldezorb proprietary adsorbent for enhanced adsorption of Formaldehyde, VOCs, ammonia.
  • 94A1409ET VOC Canister with Multizorb proprietary adsorbent for enhanced abatement of Multiple Toxic Chemicals.
  • 94A1422ET VOC Canister with Acidezorb Plus proprietary adsorbent for efficient adsorption of Acidic Vapors.

Select the required type of VOC canister from the Carbon Filter pull-down menu under Select Product Options menu.
The Amaircare AirWash MultiPro VOC canister's lifetime: 12+ months (on average in normal operating conditions).

Amaircare Part Numbers.
Current: 94A1402ET / 94A1405ET / 94A1409ET / 94A1422ET

Part Number94A1402ET / 94A1405ET / 94A1409ET / 94A1422ET
Height13.5" (34.3 cm)
Diameter7" (17.8 cm) Outer / 5" (12.7 cm) Inner
Weight6 lbs. (2.72 kg)
CompositionsAll Metal Construction
PropertiesHeavy Chemicals
Type of AdsorbentStandard & Various Proprietary Adsorbents
Amount of adsorbent5 lbs. (2.27 kg)
Filter Lifetime12+ months

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