Amaircare 94A1605UL ULTRA VOC Annual Filter Kit with Formaldezorb

94A1605UL / 94-A-1605-UL

Amaircare 94A1605UL ULTRA VOC Annual Filter Kit is Amaircare Optional filter with 30 lbs. of Amaircare Formaldezorb proprietary adsorbent for Amaircare Easy Twist air purifiers.

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Amaircare 94A1605UL (94‐A‐1605‐UL) ULTRA VOC Annual Filter Kit is Amaircare optional replacement filter.
Amaircare 94A1605UL Filter Kit contains:

  • Foam Pre-filter
  • Ultra VOC Canister with 30 lbs. (13.6 kg.) of Formaldezorb proprietary adsorbent for enhanced removal of heavy Formaldehyde, VOCs, cigarette smoke, other toxic chemicals.

Amaircare 94A1605UL ULTRA VOC Annual Filter Kit can be used as Optional Filter in the following models:

  • 4000HV
  • 4000 VOC CHEM
  • 6000V
  • 6000V AirWash Cart
  • AirWash Whisper 350 (AWW350)
  • AirWash Whisper 675 (AWW675)
  • AirWash MultiPro BOSS (x2)
  • 7500 AirWash Cart (x2)
  • 7500 BiHEPA central (x2)
  • 10000 TriHEPA central (x3) for units manufactured after January 2015
  • IS5000 (x4)
  • IS5500 (x4)
  • BEAM AWW350
  • BEAM AWW675
  • FCF350
  • FCF675
  • HEPA-40
  • HEPA-60
  • SA6000
  • SA7000 (x2)
  • 4000HV
  • 6000V
  • AWW-350
  • AWW-675

Amaircare 94A1605UL ULTRA VOC Filter kit's lifetime - 12+ months.

Part Numbers.
Current: 94A1605UL / 94-A-1605-UL
Retired: 95008‐F, 95018‐F

Amaircare Ultra VOC Annual Filter Kit CANNOT BE USED in the same unit with Easy-Twist HEPA filter since it occupies the same spot in the filter compartment as the Easy-Twist HEPA filter.

Height16" (40.6 cm)
DiameterOuter - 13" (33 cm) / Inner - 8" (20.32 cm)
Weight30 lbs. (13.6 kg.)
CompositionsFoam Pre-filter + Ultra VOC canister
TypeAnnual Filter Kit
PropertiesHeavy Formaldehyde, VOCs
Type of AdsorbentFormaldezorb
Amount of adsorbent30 lbs. (13.6 kg.)
Pre FilterFoam pre-filter
Filter Lifetime1 Year

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