Amaircare Roomaid Mini Portable Air Purifier

Amaircare Roomaid Mini is a shorter version of Amaircare Roomaid portable air purifier with Amaircare Roomaid Mini Snap-on HEPA filter and VOC cartridge for residential, office and automotive air cleaning applications.

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Amaircare Roomaid Mini is a compact, lightweight, multi-purpose Amaircare air purifier. Amaircare Roomaid Mini is a shorter version of Amaircare Roomaid portable air purifier. The Amaircare Roomaid Mini True HEPA and VOC cartridge air filtration system makes Roomaid Mini a perfect air purifier for removal of dangerous air pollutants and air contaminants in small areas, including: bedroom, nursery, dorm room, cubicle, hotel room. With optional Auto Kit the Amaircare Roomaid Mini is a perfect air quality solution for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, etc.
Amaircare Roomaid Mini with Auto Kit at

Amaircare Roomaid Mini - When to Use?

Amaircare Roomaid Mini Portable Air Purifier employs high efficiency True HEPA filter for trapping all airborne air pollutants and a VOC cartridge for effective adsorption of VOCs, ammonia, formaldehyde and other dangerous specific chemicals. Along with a compact lightweight design (only 4.4 lbs.) and the ability to run from virtually all power sources, Amaircare Roomaid Mini is highly beneficial for individuals with active lifestyle or people on-the-go. The available Auto kit also makes Roomaid Mini an indispensable air cleaning device to combat the air pollution in cars, trucks, RVs, especially for individuals whose activities include a long daily commute in heavy traffic of metropolitan areas.

Amaircare Roomaid Mini - Air Filtration System

The Amaircare Roomaid Mini portable air purifier comprises a 3-Stage air filtration system.

  • Foam Pre-filter
    The foam pre-filter (1st stage of air filtration system) captures large dust and dirt particles.
    The pre-filter helps protect fine True HEPA filter from fast contamination and extend its lifetime.
    The foam pre-filter can be vacuumed or washed between replacements.
    The replacement pre-filter lifetime is up to 12 months.
    It is a part of the replacement annual filter kit.

Amaicare Roomaid Mini HEPA Cartridge

  • True HEPA Filter
    The Roomaid Mini employs True HEPA filter cartridge, which effectively traps over 99.97% of all airborne allergens and dust down to 0.3 micron in size.
    True HEPA filter cartridge features a Snap-On design. It allows to replace the main filter cartridge without any tools - just pop it off and on.
    True HEPA filter cartridge comes in four corresponding colors: Orange, Blue, Pink, Green.
    The effective True HEPA surface area - 15 sq. ft.
    True HEPA Filter's lifetime - 2 to 5 years.

Amaicare Roomaid Mini VOC Cartridge

  • VOC Filter Cartridge
    The Roomaid Mini's VOC cartridge is filled with 0.91 lbs (0.2 kg) of Amaircare proprietary "Forfmaldezorb" adsorbent, which provides an effective removal of hazardous VOCs, formaldehyde and other dangerous chemical substances released by cleansers, paints, carpet, wallpaper, furniture, consumer electronics, off-gassing from new vehicles, and contained in exhaust fumes, diesel fumes, fuel fumes, cigarette smoke, etc.
    The Roomaid Mini VOC Cartridge Filter's lifetime: up to 12 months.

  • Vacuum Seal Gasket
    The Integrated rubber gasket vacuum seals the filter chamber.
    The vacuum seal gasket helps eliminate polluted air by-pass and improves the overall air filtration efficiency.

Amaircare Roomaid Mini - Motor Fan Assembly

Amaicare Roomaid Mini Motor Fan HousingAmaircare Roomaid Mini air purifier is powered by Energy efficient and quiet 12V DC (direct current) electric motor with centrifugal fan.
The power consumption is only 5 Watts.
The electric motor is rated for a long continuous operation and a long lifetime, and is run tested for 35,000 hours of continuous operation.
The Roomaid Mini's 2-speed settings motor/fan is rated at 20 CFM (Low) and 40 CFM (High).
It delivers the air flow sufficient for effective cleaning areas up 65 sq. ft. on Low and up to 130 sq. ft. on High
The level of noise is below 30 dB.

Amaircare Roomaid Mini - Air Purifier Housing

Amaircare Roomaid Mini features durable, impact resistant the all steel housing design made of 24 gauge cold rolled steel.
The appliance quality baked-on powder coating produces No toxic off gassing and is available in four vibrant colors: Orange, Blue, Pink, Green.
The 360° polluted air intake at the upper deck of the unit improves the overall air purifier performance.
The 330° clean air outlet located at the lower section of the unit evenly distributes clean air within the room.

Amaircare Roomaid Mini - What's Included

Amaircare Roomaid Mini air purifier comes from the factory:

  • Fully Assembled.
  • With full set of Filters installed.
  • 120V 60 Hz AC to 12V DC power adaptor (Type K Plug) with 7 feet power cord included.
  • Ready-to-Use (unpack and plug it in).What's Included with Amaircare Roomaid Mini Air Purifier
Important Notice.
With the Universal 12V DC Power adaptor the Roomaid Mini can be run from virtually any power source anywhere in the world.

Amaircare Roomaid Mini Auto Kit Optional Accessory

Amaicare Roomaid Mini with Auto Kit

The available optional Auto Kit allows to use Amaircare Roomaid Mini as an effective air purifier inside your car, truck, RV, boat, etc.
Equipped with Formaldezorb VOC cartridge the Amaircare Roomaid Mini can effectively remove VOCs especially in new cars, exhaust gases, diesel fumes, stale odors, etc.
The Auto Kit consists of the Power Adapter and a Secure seatbelt plate.
The Power adapter allows to power your Roomaid Mini from the vehicle's 12V DC on-board electric system - plugs into the vehicle's electric outlet.
The Secure plate of a matching color safely secures the Roomaid Mini air purifier to a seatbelt and prevents is accidental movement.
 Amaircare Roomaid Mini Auto Kit
Amaircare Roomaid Mini Manufacturer's Warranty

The Amaircare Roomaid Mini Manufacturer's warranty includes:

  • 5 Years on Motor / Fan assembly.
  • 1 Year on All other parts (filters excluded).

Amaircare Roomaid Mini - Shipping Terms and Conditions

Amaircare Roomaid Mini air purifier ships free of charge by UPS or FedEx Ground delivery services in Canada and the Continental USA.
Other faster delivery services are available at a cost (will be displayed in the shopping cart).
There are no additional charges or extra fees related to the border crossing (if involved) for all US and Canadian customers.
If the unit is found Damaged or Defective upon arrival, it will be promptly replaced with new one Free of charge.
The problem has to be reported to the Customer Service without a delay to schedule its prompt replacement.

Amaircare Roomaid Mini Replacement Filters

Height6.2" (15.75 cm)
Diameter8.5" (21.6 cm)
Weight4.4 lbs. (2.0 kg)
CompositionsAll Metal Construction
PropertiesGeneral Air Purification
ColorBlue, Orange, Pink, Green
Digital ControlNo
LED / LCD DisplayNo
Number of Speed Settings2
Remote ControlNo
Filter Change monitorNo
Turn-Off TimerNo
Air Flow Rating, CFM20 - Low, 40 - High
Maximum cleaning area sq. ft.130
Recommended cleaning area, sq. ft.65
Noise Level, dB30
Air Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3
Particle SensorNo
Odor / Chemical SensorNo
Size of HEPA filter, sq. ft.15
Type of AdsorbentVOC Adsorbent
Amount of adsorbent0.44 lb (0.2 kg)
Pre FilterFoam pre-filter
Filter Lifetime4 -6 month
Energy Star RatedNo
Wheel CastersNo
Power Consumption, Watts5
Power Supply12V DC (120V 60 Hz power adaptor)
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years5 - Motor/Fan / 1 - Other

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