Sunbeam SW2002 Humidifier Filter 2-pack

SW2002-2, SW2002-CN, SW2002CS

Sunbeam SW2002 Humidifier Filter (2 pack) - Original Sunbeam replacement wick filter for Sunbeam cool mist humidifiers.

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Sunbeam SW2002 Humidifier Filter (2 pack)

Sunbeam SW2002 humidifier filter is a Genuine OEM Sunbeam replacement Filter.
Sunbeam SW2002 humidifier filter is infused with "ARM & HAMMERâ„¢" baking soda to help remove household odors.
The anti-microbial agent inhibits growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on the filter's surface.
SW2002 humidifier filter fits Sunbeam cool mist humidifiers: SCM2300, SCM2301, SCM2302, SCM2303, SCM2304, SCM2305, SCM2306, SCM2310, SCM2311, SCM2312, SCM2313, SCM2314, SCM2315. SCM2316, SCM2400, SCM2401, SCM2402, SCM2403, SCM2404, SCM2405, SCM2406, SCM2410, SCM2411, SCM2412, SCM2413, SCM2414, SCM2415, SCM2416, SCM2420, SCM2421, SCM2422, SCM2423, SCM2424, SCM2425, SCM2426, etc.
Sunbeam SW2002 is also compatible with Bionaire BCM7900, BCM7901, BCM7903, BCM7904, BCM7910, BCM7911, BCM7912, BCM7913, BCM7914, BCM7920, BCM7921, BCM7922, BCM7923, BCM7924, BCM7930, BCM7931, BCM7932, BCM7933, BCM7934, etc.
Sunbeam SW2002 humidifier filter is infused with "Arm & Hammer" baking soda to help remove unpleasant odors.
The anti-microbial agent inhibits growth of odor causing microbes, mold and mildew.
SW2002 humidifier filter absorbs minerals and calcium from the water.
Filter Dimensions, inch. 6.0 x 5.25 x 1.0 (each)
Filter's Lifetime: 1 to 3 months.

Height6.7" (17 cm)
Width5.5" (14 cm)
Depth1.2" (3 cm) ea.
Weight0.06 lb (0.03 kg) ea.
CompositionsWick filter
TypeHumidifier filter
Properties"Arm&Hammer" Baking Soda infused

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