Reduced price! Amaircare 94‐A‐1605‐MO 16-inch Molded Formaldezorb VOC Canister

Amaircare 94‐A‐1605‐MO 16-inch Formaldezorb VOC Canister

94‐A‐1605‐MO, 95005-F

Amaircare 94‐A‐1605‐MO 16-inch Formaldezorb VOC Canister is Amaircare original replacement filter. Amaircare 94‐A‐1605‐MO VOC canister fits Amaircare Air Purifiers with Molded HEPA filter.

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Amaircare 94‐A‐1605‐MO 16-inch Formaldezorb VOC Canister is Amaircare original replacement filter.
Amaircare 94-A-1605-MO VOC canister contains 11 lbs. of Formaldezorb adsorbent.
Amaircare 94-A-1605-MO 16-inch Formaldezorb VOC canister fits Amaircare air purifiers:

- 3000 (Before November 2015)
- 3050
- 4000
- 4050
- 4000V
- 5000V

The Amaircare 16-inch VOC canister's lifetime: 12 months.
Amaircare 94-A-1605-MO 16-inch Formaldezorb VOC Canister is the part of Amaircare 93‐A‐16PL05‐MO 16-inch Plus Annual Filter Kit.

Amaircare Part Numbers.
Current: 94-A-1605-MO
Retired: 95005-F, 95015-F

Part Number94-A-1605-MO
Height16" (38.1 cm)
Diameter8.5" (21.6 cm) Outer / 5.75" (14.6 cm) Inner
Weight11 lbs. (5 kg)
CompositionsAll Metal Construction
PropertiesHeavy VOCs
Type of AdsorbentFormaldezorb
Amount of adsorbent10 lbs. (4.54 kg)
Filter Lifetime12 months

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