New Reduced price! Amaircare 91-A-1601-ET 16 inch Easy-Twist Carbon Pre-Filter Filter

Amaircare 91A1601ET / 91-A-1601-ET 16 inch Easy-Twist Carbon Pre-Filter 6 pk.

91A1601ET / 91-A-1601-ET

Amaircare 91A1601ET 16 inch Easy-Twist Carbon Pre-Filter 6-pack is Amaircare original replacement pre-filter for Amaircare 3000 Easy-Twist Air Purifier.

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Amaircare 91A1601ET / 91‐A‐1601‐ET 16-inch Easy-Twist Carbon Pre-fitter 6-pack is Amaircare original replacement filter.
Amaircare 91A1601ET Easy-Twist Carbon pre-filter is a 1/8" thick non-woven polyester based filter imbued 200% with Activated Carbon.
Amaircare 91A1601ET 16-inch Carbon pre-filter is used as a wrap around the outside surface of the 16 inch Easy-Twist HEPA filter, and protects the HEPA filter from fast contamination by large dust and dirt particles.
Amaircare 91A1601ET 16-inch Easy-Twist Carbon pre filter is a standard pre-filter for Amaircare 3000 ET Easy Twist Air purifiers manufactured after November of 2015.

Amaircare 91A1601ET Easy-Twist Carbon pre-filter can also be used with the 16 inch Easy Twist HEPA filter (instead of the standard foam pre-filter) in other models of Amaircare air purifiers and the air purifiers manufactured by Amaircare (listed below).

  • AirWash Whisper 350 (AWW350 / AWW-350)
  • AirWash Whisper 675 (AWW675 / AWW-675)
  • AirWash MultiPro BOSS (2 ea.)
  • 7500 BiHEPA (2 ea.)
  • 10000 Easy Twist (3 ea.) manufactured after January 2015)
  • 4000HV (discontinued)
  • 4000 HEPA CHEM
  • 6000V (discontinued)
  • 6000V AirWash Cart
  • 7500 AirWash Cart (2 ea.)
  • AirWash IS5000 (3 ea.)
  • AirWash IS5500 (3 ea.)
BEAM (made by Amaircare)
  • BEAM AWW350
  • BEAM AWW675
FRIGIDAIRE (made by Amaircare)
  • FCF350
  • FCF675
LENNOX (made by Amaircare)
  • HEPA-40
  • HEPA-60
SANITAIRE (made by Amaircare)
  • SA6000
  • SA7000 (2 ea.)
SEARS (made by Amaircare)
  • 4000HV
  • 6000V

The Amaircare 91A1601ET 16-inch Easy-Twist Carbon Pre filter's lifetime: 4+ months (on average).

Amaircare Part Numbers.
Current: 91A1601ET / 91‐A‐1601‐ET

Height14.25" (36.2 cm)
Width43" (109 cm)
Depth0.2" (0.5 cm)
Weight0.5 lbs. (0.23 kg)
CompositionsNon-Woven Polyester based
PropertiesDust, Dirt, Light Chemicals,
Type of AdsorbentDust Carbon Cloth
Amount of adsorbent0.25 lbs. (0.125 kg)
Filter Lifetime4 months

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