New Sale Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET 8-inch Easy-Twist HEPA Filter for Amaircare 2500ET

Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET 8-inch Easy-Twist HEPA Filter

90-A-08ME-ET, 90002287

Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET 8-inch Easy-Twist HEPA Filter is Amaircare replacement HEPA Filter for Amaircare air purifiers with 8-inch Easy-Twist HEPA filter.

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Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET 8-inch Easy-Twist HEPA Filter is Amaircare's original replacement True HEPA filter cartridge.
Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET 8-inch Easy-Twist HEPA filter fits he following air purifier models:

  • 2500 Easy Twist (manufactured after March 2016)
  • 2500HV (obsolete)
  • AWW250 / AWW-250
  • HEPA-20
  • 2500HV

Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET HEPA filter contains 50 sq. ft. of 99.97% efficiency certified True HEPA filter media.
The Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET Easy-Twist HEPA filter features a "Perfect Seal" filter design.
The 90-A-08ME-ET HEPA filter's lifetime: 2 to 5 years.

Part Numbers.
Current: 90-A-08ME-ET
Retired: 90002287, 90012287

Important Notice!
Amaircare 90-A-08ME-ET Easy-Twist HEPA filter fits Amaircare 2500 ET air purifiers manufactured After March of 2016.
For Amaircare 2500 air purifiers manufactured Before March of 2016 use the Amaircare 90-A-08NA-MO 8-inch Molded HEPA Filter

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Amaircare Filters - Filter Information and Details

Part Number90-A-08ME-ET
Height8" (20.35 cm)
Diameter13" (38 cm) Outer / 7.5" (19 cm) Inner
Weight4 lbs. (1.81 kg)
CompositionsTrue HEPA
TypeEasy-Twist Design
PropertiesParticle filter
Air Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3 micron
HEPA Filter Grade99.97% True HEPA
HEPA Filter PropertiesEasy-Twist HEPA Filter
Size of True HEPA filter, sq. ft.50
Filter Lifetime2 -5 Years

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