Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Air Purifier / Humidifier

KC-860U, KC860U

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Air Purifier / Humidifier is the Most Powerful 2-in-1 Sharp Air purifier and humidifier with Sharp Patented Plasmacluster Ion technology for a very large room.

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Sharp KC-860U Air Purifier / Humidifier combines the high efficiency Sharp True HEPA and Carbon air filtration system with Sharp Exclusive Plasmacluster Ion generator and a built-in humidifying section. This unique combination of Sharp air treatment technologies enables the Sharp KC-860U to clean, sterilize and humidify air in a very large room quietly and effectively.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion TechnologySharp KC-860U Patented Plasmacluster® Ion technology uses Nature's own air cleaning process to purify, sterilize and freshen the air.
Humidifying SectionSharp KC-860U Built-in humidifying function adds humidity to the room to bring soothing relief from dry air and reduce static electricity.
True HEPA FiltrationSharp KC-860U True HEPA filtration is ideal for removing from the air all common household allergens: dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke.
Sharp Intelligent ControlsSharp KC-860U built-in temperature, dust and humidity sensors automatically maintain the air quality and humidity for maximum comfort.
Library Quiet OperationSharp KC-860U Library Quiet™ operation allows users to enjoy the peaceful night's sleep while working continuously on purifying the air you breathe.
Sharp EnergyStar RatedSharp KC-860U ENERGY STAR® rated air purifier draws minimal energy and allows you to run the unit continuously while saving energy and money.

Sharp KC-860U Air Purifier / Humidifier Highlights:

  • 3-Stage Air Filtration system
  • Patented Plasmacluster Ion technology - PCI
  • Built-in Humidifying Function
  • Recommended room size 341 sq. ft.
  • 3-Speed Fan Control with Automatic Mode
  • LibraryQuiet™ Operation (only 19 dB on Low)
  • "EnergyStar" Rated
  • Comes Fully Assembled, with All Filters Installed and Ready-to-Use

Sharp KC-860U Air Purifier Section:

Sharp KC-860U air purifier employs 3-stage air filtration system.
Sharp KC860U air purifier / humidifier comes with All Filters Installed and Ready-to-Use.
The washable Pre-filter traps large dust and dirt particles to protect and extend the lifetime of fine True HEPA filter.
Sharp KC-860U large True HEPA filter traps 99.97% of allergens, dust, mold spores, etc. down to 0.3 micron in size.
Separate activated carbon filter adsorbs household chemicals, odors and cigarette smoke.
Sharp's Patented Plasmacluster Ion technology effectively controls microbes, germs, bacteria and helps remove odors.
Three speed fan control (Low / Med / Max ) + Pollen mode allows for variable air cleaning power.
Sharp KC-860U is equipped with the particle, odor and humidity sensors.
The Sharp KC860U's automatic mode adjusts the operating speed according to the level of solid and gaseous air contaminants.
Sharp's Exclusive Air Flow technology ensures the LibraryQuiet™ operation.
Sharp KC-860U produces the record-Low level of noise of only 19 dB (on Low speed setting).
Recommended size of the cleaning area - 341 sq. ft.
Easy access to the filter compartment and easy filter replacing procedure.

Sharp KC-860U Humidifier Section:

Sharp KC860U humidifier section features a removable water tank that holds 1.14 Gallon of water.
The Humidifier section of Sharp KC860U air purifier becomes activated only when the user fills up the water tank.
The humidifying filter adds moisture to the air when needed.
The humidifying function allows to maintain the comfortable humidity level to bring soothing relief from dry air and reduce the static electricity.
The automatic mode utilizes the humidity sensor to adjust the fan operating speed for optimal air quality and humidity levels.

Sharp KC-860U Replacement Filters

Sharp KC-860U Replacement HEPA Filter
Sharp KC-860U Replacement Carbon Filter
Sharp KC-860U Replacement Humidifying Filter
Height24.75" (62.7 cm)
Width15.75" (39.8 cm)
Depth11.4" (28.8 cm)
Weight25.8 lb. (11.7kg)
TypeAir Purifier / Humidifier
PropertiesPlasmacluster Ion
ColorWhite w/ Grey
Digital ControlYes
LED / LCD DisplayYes Multifunctional
Auitomatic humidistat controlYes
Filling Capacity1.14 Gal.
Number of Speed Settings3 + Pollen + Auto
Remote ControlNo
Filter Change monitorYes
Turn-Off TimerNo
Air Flow Rating, CFM272
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFMDust -231 / Pollen - 245 / Smoke -220
Maximum cleaning area sq. ft.1020 sq. ft.
Recommended cleaning area, sq. ft.341 sq. ft.
Noise Level, dBLow - 19 / Med - 37 / Max - 54
Air Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3 micron
Particle SensorYes
Odor / Chemical SensorYes
Humidity sensorYes
IonizerPlamacluster Ion Generator
Filter Lifetime5 years (max)
Energy Star RatedYes
Power Consumption, WattsLow - 4.8 / Med - 14 / Max - 47
Power Supply120V/60Hz (North Amercia)
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years1

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Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Air Purifier / Humidifier

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Air Purifier / Humidifier

Sharp KC-860U (KC860U) Air Purifier / Humidifier is the Most Powerful 2-in-1 Sharp Air purifier and humidifier with Sharp Patented Plasmacluster Ion technology for a very large room.

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