AirPura Cotton Pre-Filter 2-pack


AirPura Cotton Pre-Filter 2-pack is Unbleached Pesticide-free Cotton Pre-filter for AirPura portable air purifiers. 

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AirPura Cotton Pre-Filter 2-pack is the AirPura optional replacement pre-filter.
AirPura Cotton pre-filter is made out of unbleached pesticide-free cotton and can be used instead of a standard polyester pre-filter.
AirPura Cotton pre-filter is is available for concerned air purifier users or individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity.
The pre-filter can be vacuumed right through the metal mesh of the air purifier housing with a soft brush.
The pre-filter has to be replaced with new one when it gets very dirty or ruined.
The pre-filter's lifetime under normal residential conditions - up to 12 months.

Height13" (33 cm)
Width44" (111.8 cm)
Depth0.25" (0.64 cm)
Weight1 lbs. (0.45 kg)
CompositionsUnbleached Cotton
TypeAir Purifier pre-filter
PropertiesLarge Particle filter
Pre FilterCotton Pesticide-Free
Filter Lifetime9 - 12 months

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