AirPura C600DLX Heavy Duty VOC Removal Air Purifier

AirPura C600DLX Heavy Duty VOC removal air purifier is the AirPura C600 upgrade with the AirPura C600DLX specialty adsorbent in AirPura oversize canister for Heavy Duty VOC and Specific Chemical Removal.

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AirPura C600DLX Heavy Duty VOC Removal Air Purifier at
AirPura C600DLX is the AirPura C600 air purifier upgraded with AirPura C600DLX oversize filter canister filled with AirPura specially formulated adsorbent to ensure the maximum effectiveness for Heavy Duty VOC and Specific chemical removal in large areas up to 2000 sq. at.
AiirPura C600DLX Heavy Duty VOC Air Purifier at

AirPura C600DLX

  • AirPura C600DLX employs the oversize filter canister with 26 lbs. of Super Blend VOC adsorbent for Heavy Duty VOC removal.
  • AirPura C600DLX is equipped with a powerful yet energy efficient and quiet the single-piece motor/fan.
  • The AirPura C600DLX variable speed control allows a fine tuning of speed setting for optimal air flow in all air cleaning situations.
  • The AirPura C600DLX impressive air flow of 560 CFM enables it to clean effectively large areas up to 2000 sq. at.
  • The AirPura C700DLX available upgrade provides 15% better coverage and Twice as quiet operation.
  • AirPura C600DLX features non off-gassing the all metal housing with a durable appliance finish powder coating.
  • AirPura C600DLX is covered by a comprehensive 5 / 10 Year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • AirPura C600DLX doesn't produce ozone or toxic off-gassing and is an Environment Friendly air purifier.
  • AirPura C600DLX ships free by Ground service in continental US and in Canada.
  • There are No US Tax and No Border Crossing fees on AirPura C600DLX purchases.
  • AirPura C600DLX comes with a 30-Day Money Back Satisfaction guarantee Return policy.

AirPura C600DLX - When to Use?

AirPura C600DLX Heavy Duty VOC Air Purifier is an indispensable Airpura air purifier when it comes to cleaning the air from High concentrations of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and specific chemicals in large open areas up to 2000 sq. at.
The typical applications of AirPura C600DLX Heavy Duty VOC Air Purifier include removal of VOCs, formaldehyde, ammonia, and toxic off-gassing released into the air by or present in:

  • Particle board
  • Chinese drywall
  • Pesticides, Herbicides
  • VOG (Volcanic Smoke and Gases)
  • Cannabinoids in Marijuana
  • Marijuana Grow facilities, dispensaries
  • Wildfire smoke
  • Stain and varnish (lacquer) from new furniture
  • Formaldehyde from stain and fire retardants in carpeting
  • VOCs from fresh paint, wallpaper, oil based paints
  • Fragrances and essential oil vapors
  • Pet odors
  • Toxic off-gassing from office machines
  • Paint thinners
  • Exhaust fumes from nearby traffic
  • Smoke from wood burning stove or furnace.

AirPura C600DLX Air Filtration System

  • Oversize 3-inch deep Carbon filter canister with Super Blend VOC adsorbent.
    The core of the AirPura C600DLX air filtration system is the oversize carbon filter canister. It contains a massive amount (26 lbs.) of specially enhanced Super Blend VOC adsorbent in 3-inch deep canister. The Super Blend adsorbent contains 83% of Coconut shell activated granulated carbon and 17% of Potassium iodide. Such a huge amount of adsorbent combined with an extended dwelling time in 3-inch deep carbon bed renders the unparalleled adsorption capacity in removal from the air of VOCs and specific chemicals in high concentrations along with all regular chemicals and noxious odors.
    Important Notice!
    The AirPura C600DLX specialty adsorbent blend contains an additive Potassium Iodide known for releasing its own slight odor. Although it doesn't affect the absolute majority of air purifier users, some individuals with elevated or multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) may experience a feeling of discomfort or irritation, and therefore are advised to use the following models instead:
    AirPura C600 with 26 lbs. of regular Coconut Shell or Anthracite carbon,
    AirPura G600DLX with 26 lbs. of Certified Odorless German Carbon.

  • HEPA-Barrier Post Filter.
    The oversize carbon filter canister in AirPura C600DLX doesn't leave enough room for placement of a standard size True HEPA filter. Therefore, the HEPA-type filter barrier is used in AirPura C600DLX instead to provide an adequate filtration of the air from most common allergens and dust.

  • Pre Filter.
    As the first stage of the air filtration system the AirPura C600DLX employs the standard Polyester based Pre-filter. It traps most of large visible dust and dirt particles, while providing protection to fine true HEPA filter from faster contamination and extending its lifetime.
    The optional unbleached pesticide-free Cotton Pre filter is available in AirPura C600DLX to concerned air purifier owners.

AirPura C600DLX Motor Fan Assembly

AirPura C600DLX is equipped with the same powerful, yet energy efficient backward impeller Motor/Fan assembly with variable speed control rated at 560 CFM.
The one-piece Motor/Fan assembly is factory balanced to ensure the vibration and noise-free operation.
The variable speed control allows the AirPura C600DLX users to select the speed setting that is the most suitable for any particular air cleaning application, activity or a time of the day.
The motor and electric components are placed in the separate chamber to eliminate the contact with already filtered air and prevent its re-contamination.
The AirPura C600DLX can be equipped with an optional motor and power cord for use with 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz power supply per customer's specification at Extra cost.

AirPura C600DLX Upgrade

Upgrade to 15% More powerful yet Twice as quiet the AirPura C700DLX equipped with Electronically Controlled (EC) Motor/Fan and get the following benefits and advantages:

Air Flow Rating (CFM) (open air)
Maximum Cleaning Area, sq. at.
Level of Noise, dB (on Low @ 6 at.)

AirPura C600DLX Housing Design

AirPura C600DLX features unified durable, non off-gassing and impact resistant the all metal housing.
The appliance quality baked-on powder coating withstands scratching, scuffing and repels stain.
The powder coat is totally inert and produces no toxic off-gassing.
The 360° Polluted air intake (lower deck of the unit) improves the overall air purifier performance.
The 320° Clean air outlet at the top deck of the unit ensures even clean air distribution.
Clean air outlet in the upper deck of the unit is away from dust and dirt on the floor.
Four Wheel Casters on the bottom panel ensure an easy mobility of the air purifier.

AirPura C600DLX Manufacturer's Warranty

AirPura C600DLX air purifier comes with the most comprehensive limited manufacturer's warranty.
It gives the AirPura C600DLX air purifier owners the peace of mind.
The Limited Manufacturer's Warranty includes:
5-Year Full Warranty on Parts.
10-Year warranty on Labor (most expensive part of the total service cost).
The Total duration of Limited Manufacturer's Warranty - 10 Years.

AirPura C600DLX Replacement Filters

Important Notice!
AirPura C600DLX air purifier ships with all Filters installed per model specification.

AirPura C600DLX Replacement Filters
AirPura C600DLX Filter Bundles (save up to 20%)
Height23" (58.5 cm)
Diameter15" (38 cm)
Weight54 lbs. (24.5 kg)
CompositionsAll Metal Construction
Series600 Series
PropertiesHeavy VOCs
ColorCream, Black, White
Digital ControlNo
LED / LCD DisplayNo
Number of Speed SettingsVariable
Remote ControlNo
Filter Change monitorNo
Turn-Off TimerNo
Air Flow Rating, CFM560 (without filters)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), CFM450 (with filters)
Maximum cleaning area sq. ft.1556 @ 2 ACH
Recommended cleaning area, sq. ft.778 @ 4 ACH
Noise Level, dB39 Low / 62.3 High @ 6 feet
Air Filtration Efficiency98% @ 1.0 micron (HEPA type)
Particle SensorNo
Odor / Chemical SensorNo
HEPA Filter GradeHEPA Type 98% @ 1 μ
Size of HEPA filter, sq. ft.270 sq. inch. (HEPA type)
Type of AdsorbentVOC Adsorbent
Amount of adsorbent26 lbs. (11.8 kg.)
Ultraviolet (UV) BulbNo
Pre FilterStandard Polyester
Filter Lifetime1 - 3 Years
Energy Star RatedNo
Wheel Casters4 wheel casters
Air Intake360°
Air Outflow360°
Power Consumption, WattsLow 40, High 120
Power Supply110V-120V/60Hz (220V-240V/50Hz optional)
Manufacturer's Warranty, Years5 Parts / 10 Labor
CertificationConforms to ANSI and UL 507; CSA C22.2 #113

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Verified purchase

The unit has improved my health tremendously.

I bought the AirPura C600DLX to combat sickness and lethargy due to moving into an apartment that recently has been painted and renovated. I run the air purifier 24-7 in the room where I work and sleep, and it has been fantastic. The unit easily got rid of all chemicals and significantly improved the air quality. As a result, I am able to once again live and work from home full time.

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Verified purchase


I am very sensitive to perfume that I react the minute a client wearing scent walks into the office. With the two AirPura machines we purchased running, I no longer have the allergic skin reaction! These units made a great difference in the air quality, which allows me to be at the office, readily accessible to staff instead of working remotely..

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Verified purchase

Fantastic Purifier!

I am very happy with our purchase, it removes all odors and the air gets clean so fast! I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to breathe clean air in home or office. The product arrived pretty quickly - in just few days.

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Verified purchase

Great Product and Fast shipment

I am very pleased with my purchase. I had a new carpet installed throughout my home and needed the filter to clean the air. I bought this air cleaner, and it did an excellent job in cleaning the air from all odors. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is in the same situation. The shipment was very fast too.

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